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The House by Chorley Park

Living Room

Family Room

Master Bedroom


Boy's Bedroom


Dining Room


Guest Room


Rec Room

Nooks & Crannies

The House by Chorley Park

Welcome to The House by Chorley Park. The first thing everyone says upon entering this beautiful Georgian style home is- โ€œWow- what a great house for entertaining!โ€ The bar is set, and this space deserved to be beautiful enough to live up to this expectation, a home that would host fun-filled gatherings for years to come.

A little history about the house โ€“it was gutted to its original bones and fully renovated by the previous owner. The interior is infused with light and the open space was architected (by Wayback) in a fresh, contemporary style. It was purchased in 2017 by a couple who wanted a space that reflected their love of life and colour, while maintaining a sense of calm. Come take a peek!

Photography by: Kerri Torrey